Monetary Gift

There are several ways to gift the Calumet Theatre.

Consider the following options

Cash Gift

· Immediately help the Calumet Theatre program. You decide how it is used.
· A charitable deduction helps reduce the cost of your gift.
· It is easy to make.

CLICK HERE to make a one-time monetary donation.

Appreciated Securities

· Immediately help the Calumet Theatre. You decide how it will be used
· Better than a cash gift for purposes of tax savings because of
charitable income tax deduction for current market value.
· Plus, no capital gains tax

Charitable Bequest

· You choose where your gift will be applied at the Calumet Theatre.
· Does not affect current assets.
· Could deliver estate tax savings for your heirs.

Charitable Gift Annuity

· Easiest way to obtain fixed income for life.
· You save on taxes immediately.
· Income for life is partially tax free.
· Donating appreciated securities might minimize or defer capital gains tax.
· Could increase your current income by donating low-yield assets.
· Remaining assets in gift annuity will support your favorite Calumet Theatre program.


Our endowment is managed by the Keweenaw Community Foundation (KCF), and all donations to our endowment qualify for the Michigan Community Foundation Tax Credit valued at fifty percent of your donation. For example, a $100 donation will costs less that $50 with this special state income tax credit and federal credits.

Visit the Keweenaw Community Foundation here.

Life Insurance

· You reduce the net cost of your gift with the immediate charitable deduction.
· Easy to do.
· Gift eventually supports the Theatre program you choose.

Bargain Sale Gift

· Property can be converted to a gift to the Calumet Theatre and you get cash back.
· Capital gains tax can be offset by way of partial charitable deduction.

Lead Trust

· Make a gift to the Calumet Theatre, but also provide for your family.
· No estate or gift tax on growth of assets during term of the trust.
· Reduce estate and gift tax with transfer of property to your family.

Real Estate

· Charitable deduction based on current fair market value of your property.
· No capital gains tax on outright gifts of appreciated real estate.
· Calumet Theatre program of your choice receives significant benefit.

Charitable Remainder Trust

· Receive a variable or fixed income for life.
· Trust is professionally managed.
· Trust assets grow tax free.
· You designate the purpose of your gift for the Calumet Theatre.

Retirement Plan Assets

· An opportunity to reduce estate tax and potential income tax of heirs.
· Will not negatively affect your current assets.
· You determine how your gift is to be used by the Calumet Theatre.