The Calumet Players are proud to present the theatre play:

“Enemy of the People”
Play Title: “An Enemy of The People” written by Henrik Ibsen and adapted by Arthur Miller.

 In Arthur Miller’s adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People,” the central theme of the play delves into the complex interplay between individual moral convictions and societal expectations. Dr. Stockmann confronts the challenges of revealing water contamination in the town, navigating the intricacies of public opinion. The play injects thoughtful elements into the examination of democracy, conformity, and the defiance of established norms.

An Enemy of The People is really in a unique position this year. With the current Broadway revival in New York City as well as an upcoming version of it being produced on London’s west end, The Calumet Theatre and The Calumet Players are truly joining the world stage in performing this important work.” Says director George Wagner.

Under Wagner’s creative vision the cast consists of many new and experienced actors from the Houghton/Keweenaw area. The cast includes George Wagner as Dr. Stockmann, Andrea Morse as Catherine Stockmann, Zachary Blessing as Peter Stockmann, Mike Aubin as Morton Kiil, Caleb Joyal as Hovstad, Ema Schneiderhan as Petra, Martina Ramos as Mr. Aslaksen, Rhea Bar-Ziv as Billing, Mark Riggins as Captain Horster among others. Production members include Stephanie Booth as set designer, Patricia Trudell as costume designer, along with many others who help make the show happen behind the scenes.

The Calumet Players is a nonprofit organization committed to sharing the power of theatre with our diverse community. We thank our supporters past and present for making this production possible.

Prices & Dates (All tickets are G.A. – Adults $15 – Student & Senior $12):

  • Sunday – May 5th @ 2:00pm (matinee)

For tickets call: 906.337.2610 or visit the Box Office Tue-Fri (12pm-4pm)

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“An Enemy of the People”: Calumet Players 5/5/2024 @ 2:00pm